SusHi Tech Tokyo Area

Go hands-on with the technologies on exhibit at SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024.

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024

SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024 will be held in the Tokyo Bay Area from April to May 2024 to create innovations from Tokyo to solve common global urban issues and to disseminate future urban models.
The three programs of SusHi Tech Tokyo 2024: "Global Startup Program," "City Leaders Program," and "Showcase Program" are introduced here.

Past initiatives

SusHi Tech Tokyo's past initiatives include the Tokyo Bay eSG Project, City-Tech,Tokyo, and G-NETS Leaders Summit.


The cutting-edge technologies that have been exhibited at SusHi Tech Tokyo are introduced, and a flying car test-ride corner is also available.
The images used in the flying experience are created from the Tokyo Digital Twin 3D Viewer (β version) , Bureau of Digital Services, Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

Music used in the area: BGMer (